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Convention Set Up Manager

Property: Boca Raton Resort & Club
Travel Involved: None
Job Type: Full Time
Job Level:  Experienced
Education: Bachelors Degree or Equivalent 
Category: Catering/Convention Services
Position Summary:

1.      Planning & Organization

  • Plan & organize the hourly/daily functions of the Set-up Administrative staff to maximize efficiency & accuracy.
  • Maintain copies of Master spec sheets for annual groups with an eye toward better fulfillment of guest’s needs.
  • Identify & bring to the attention of the Director of Banquet Operation conflicts within meeting/banquet space inventory.
  • Communicate groups unusual space needs to the Director of Banquet Operations, so a solution may be worked out on a timely basis; avoid emergency decisions.
  • Consistently tour the department areas to ensure that all are maintained in a clean and safe manner.
  • Attend pre-con and post cons, convention service staff meetings when required.


2.      Personnel & Training

  • Develop & train set-up and administration personnel to work in a professional manner. Ensure staff’s attendance at required Resort-sponsored seminars and courses. Maintain updated training manual; follow through with training program.
  • Supervise functions with an emphasis on guest satisfaction.
  • Ensure that pre-shift meetings are held prior to events.
  • Maintain appropriate grooming standards for all staff within the department.
  • Advise the Director of Banquet Operations of employees, which show outstanding characteristics for future advancement.
  • Advise the Director of Banquet Operations of employees, which have recently performed in a poor or unprofessional manner.
  • Insure complete correspondence to clients & in house personnel.
  • Ensure proper & timely processing of paperwork to accounting. Complete appropriate paperwork such as schedules, floor plan, forecasts, P&L variances, etc.
  • Ensure that all staff reviews are completed in a quick and timely manner.


3.      Catering/Banquet Event Operations:

  • Set up & oversee all functions.
  • Ensure that all shifts are properly staffed with qualified employees.
  • Ensure proper supervision of events set-up. Maintain & continually improve the quality of service within the department. Help maintain all equipment & ensure safe handling & storage of such equipment. Order supplies, linens, uniforms & all other necessary equipment to sure the smooth running of the operation.
  • Ensure the safe order and return of any necessary rental equipment.
  • See that appropriate paperwork for rental items are ordered & processed in a timely manner.
  • Review work orders with shift managers at the start of each shift. In addition review time frames for these work schedules to control overtime.







  • Ensure each meeting room is inspected one & a half hours prior to commencing to check proper set-up: Placement of tables, condition of room, ice water, necessary meeting equipment & overall appearance of the set up.
  • Supervise office assistants in proper handling of all paperwork, correspondence, work schedules, payroll, and charges. Check all work orders against Delphi or equivalent meeting scheduling program & review daily activities and charges with Convention Manager.
  • In conjunction with Audio Visual department, coordinate all major exhibit & technical set-ups, i.e., production companies.
  • Maintain “Boca Quality” appearance of all areas of the resort, through proper communication with relevant departments: Housekeeping, Food & Beverage, Front Desk, Convention Services etc…


4.      Administration:

  • Create & maintain a professional office environment fit for reception of prospective clientele.
  • Maintain a proper public image.
  • Expedient answering of a telephone.
  • Maintain records of Delphi or equivalent meeting scheduling program, consistent  & regular training update of new Delphi systems or equivalent meeting scheduling program and reports.
  • Safe handling of all deposits or monies entrusted.
  • Ensure proper & timely processing of paperwork to accounting. Complete appropriated paperwork such as scheduling, floor plans, forecasts, P&L variances, etc…
  • Handle guest complaints/requests appropriately.


5.      Working Relationship:

  • Maintain open communications with all other groups, departments in the division as well as all other divisions with the Resort.
  • Create & maintain a sound working relationship with all Catering/Convention personnel & develop to their maximum potential.
  • Keep the Director of Banquet Operations well & often-informed in regards to all group activities.
  • Participate actively in social events, industry events you & the company will benefit from when required.
  • Keep the departmental actively evolved in current committees and developments within the Resort.


6.      Standard Management Norms:

  • The Convention Center Manager/Set-up Manager is expected to interface & relate well with peers, division &/or inter-divisional managers & staff.
  • He/she is to keep well informed & current on industry information as well as local ordinances, state or federal laws, which govern his particular segment of the enterprise.
  • He/she readily participates actively in management meetings, seminars, civic activities, industry events, attends conventions & makes presentations which may directly benefit his/her professional esteem &/or to the overall credit of his/her department, division & the Boca Raton Resort & Club.
  • He/she displays a high personal visibility in a mature, professional & decisive manner. Good posture, positive & measured composure would result into an excellent image as a leader.
  • He/she provides unselfishly his/her expertise, patience, instructional talents both; theoretically & practically to all his/her subordinates on equal terms. He/she therefore ensures perpetual succession of all positions in his/her group/department.





  • The Convention Center Manager/Set-up Manager schedules himself/herself as required with the optic that the group or department functions are the same efficiency level whether he/she is present or not.
  • The Convention Center Manager/Set-up Manager is expected to effectively delegate & discharge tasks, responsibilities & commensurate authority. Nevertheless, he/she will remain accountable for the full scope of responsibility without abdication on any or all.
  • The Convention Center Manager/Set-up Manager is obligate to safeguard any and all confidential information classified as such, i.e., financial, recipes, trade information as applicable. Methods, systems & procedures, these are not to be shared or discussed with outside sources or competitors. It is understood that any & all MSP documentation or other material or equipment conceived or acquired during his/her tenure are and will remain the sole property of the Boca Raton Resort & Club.
  • Balance of floor supervision, administrative responsibilities, staff member mentoring & hosting of guests. All these must be obtained and maintained on a constant basis.
  • Perform other related duties as assigned or requested by supervisors/managers.






Must be able to walk, stand, sit, stoop or bend for duration of shift [at least (8) hours].

Some college education preferably within hospitality. Three to five years in high volume, high quality banquet/convention service operation. Additional hotel experience preferred. Personal appearance and grooming commensurate with high profile nature of job. Excellent verbal/written communication skills required. Valid drivers license. Working knowledge of Food and Beverage operations preferred. Must be able to lift 50 pounds.

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